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Life Really is Better in California

In the middle of a good primer on evaluating bud, I saw this little gem:

Chances are if you are on the West Coast or in Colorado, you have a great sense of what’s good and what’s bad.  If you live somewhere else in the US, I hate to break it to you, but the weed just isn’t that good where you are.  Now I’m not saying good weed doesn’t exist anywhere else in the US, but I am saying that it is hard as hell to find, costs an arm and a leg, and doesn’t come in large supplies.  There are always home cultivators in any part of the nation that are producing top quality nugs, but that doesn’t always mean that they share!  On the West Coast and in Colorado, due to SO MANY GROWERS, top quality marijuana flows like water, and therefore, the consumers in those areas are exposed to many more top quality strains.  As a result, they are much more educated on the topic of cannabis quality.

I don’t mean to toot my West Coast horn or anything, but this is undeniably true. In most of the country, you simply smoke what’s available, because obtaining it is so difficult. In California, on the other hand, there is so much superior weed going around that Humboldt outdoor isn’t even up to snuff anymore for many California medical marijuana dispensaries!

Just a reminder that despite the many problems in the world of medical marijuana, those of us lucky enough to live where cannabis can be obtained safely and legally are blessed with an abundance of high-quality medicine.


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